Our Mission

Making in the UK Washable, Reusable Cloth Masks for Businesses and Their Employees

Makemasksuk.org is an initiative based in Kent, UK, operated by a team of 8 volunteers, and supported by Locate in Kent, the county of Kent's official investment agency.

Rather than diverting masks from the NHS, manufacturers with a sewing capacity have started making cloth masks for these workers following an international quality standard.

The first manufacturer to have started production is curtain and blind manufacturer Silent Gliss Limited, from Broadstairs. Simon Waller at Silent Gliss delivered the first batch of masks to fruit company Fourayes, the UK’s No1 Fruit Processor, in Sittingbourne.

Jarvis Manufacturing, a Bespoke textile manufacturer for military and business applications based in Eastbourne, is also on board, as is Tillett Racing Seats, the famous Sittingbourne-based manufacturer of racing seats.

All the companies having joined the makemasksuk.org initiative are requested to use the BSI-recommended AFNOR spec S76-001, in the context of the European initiative to make mask standards available to manufacturers.

If you need washable, reusable cloth masks for your employees, or if you want to join the initiative by manufacturing masks, please click the buttons above, or call us on 01227 314 072 / write to team@makemasksuk.org.

Involve your business in the project

Team Leaders

Michael Bowerman
Head of Quality

Alex Pawle
Project Manager

Mark Knowlton
Manufacturing specialist

Call us: 01227 314 072 Write to us: team@makemasksuk.org

Our progress

The project's success

"Just a note to say thank you so much for the barrier masks. The team here really like them and have commented on how good the quality is and how comfortable they are!"

Fourayes Farm Ltd

"Carrie Eeles was extremely grateful for the masks. She is truly a front line worker whom we could not do without. Lots of people are working hard gleaning safely but Carrie is the one who makes it all happen."

Thanet CIC

// Specification

Product specification

The Washable Barrier Mask is a non-medical mask which is intended to complement protective measures and social distancing rules. It is intended to be worn by key workers, general public and people who are not showing symptoms or are asymptomatic. The masks are to help prevent the spread of virus which are spread by droplets.

Mask Penetration Performance

Designed to have a filtering performance as follows:

  • Solid particles - EN 13274-7, section 6, Sodium chloride test method.
  • Liquid particle (droplet) - EN1324-7, section 7, Paraffin oil test method.
  • Packaging

    The Barrier mask is packaged in a sealed Poly tube bag. Includes full instructions for wearing and washing. To be effective the mask must be fitted, worn, and washed as described on instructions provided.


    One size only - Designed to fit the average person in accordance with international anthropometric data in ISO/TS 16976-2:2015 "Respiratory protective devices" Human Factors, Part 3: Anthropometrics.